Our Patriot Ancestors

Listed below are the Patriot ancestors of our chapter members and the state in which they served. American Revolutionary War Patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of American independence, and those taking oaths of loyaLTy. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (19 April 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (26 November 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states. 


First Last State/States Service
John   Alleman   Pennsylvania PVT
Isaac   Allen   Virginia PVT
James   Allison   Maryland LT, PS
John  Aumiller   Pennsylvania PVT
Nathaniel   Austin   Massachusetts PVT
Abijah   Babbitt   Massachusetts CPL
William  Barker   Virginia SGT
William   Bartlett   Virginia PS
Jonathan   Bates   Massachusetts PVT
Joseph   Beall   Maryland PS
John   Bemis, Jr. Massachusetts CPL
John   Bemis, Sr. Massachusetts PS
Jabez   Bigelow   Massachusetts LT
Jonas   Bott   Pennsylvania PVT
Richard   Bouldin   Virginia SOL
Ambrose   Brewer   North Carolina PS
Noah   Bronson   Connecticut DRM
John   Brown   Massachusetts, New Hampshire SGT
John   Bush   Vermont PVT
Phineas   Butler, Sr. Massachusetts CPL
Phineas  Butler, Jr. Massachusetts CPL
William   Campbell   Massachusetts LT
Solomon   Carter   North Carolina SOL
Isham   Chaffin   Virginia PVT
Benjamin   Chandler   Vermont PVT
Josiah   Chandler   Massachusetts DRM
Benjamin   Clark   Delaware PS
Aaron  Cleveland, Sr. Connecticut CAPT
Benjamin   Cleveland   Vermont PVT
Higgins   Coppinger   Virginia PVT
Albert   Covenhoven   New Jersey PVT
Peter   Covenhoven   New Jersey STAFFOFF
Samuel   Cross   South Carolina PVT, PS
Henry   Curtis   New York PVT
Arthur   Daggett   Massachusetts CAPT
George   Dameron   Virginia NONCOM
Peter   De Haven   Pennsylvania PVT
Philippe Amable De Lisle   Virginia PS
Michael   Deck   Virginia PVT
Francis Bowden Dennis   Massachusetts CDR
John   Dick   South Carolina SGT, PS
David   Dilley   Virginia LT
Daniel   Douglas   Connecticut CPL
Beltheshazzar   Dragoo   Virginia SOL
Jonathan   Eddy   Vermont PVT
Frederick   Emmert   Pennsylvania PS
Alexander  Erskine, Sr. Massachusetts PS
John  Ewer   Massachusetts PVT
Sherebiah   Fay   Massachusetts SGT
Ebenezer   Fletcher   New Hampshire NONCOM
Thomas   Gillespie   North Carolina CS, PS
Bernhard   Giltner   Pennsylvania PVT
John   Glazier   South Carolina PVT
Charles   Goff   Connecticut PVT
John   Gordon   Virginia CAPT
Thomas   Gordon   Virginia PS
James   Graham   Pennsylvania SGT
Gideon   Gray   Massachusetts PVT
John   Grayson   Virginia CS
Pierre  Grimard   Virginia PVT, PS
Jacob   Haldeman   Pennsylvania PVT
John   Hall   South Carolina SOL, CS
Thomas   Haselwood   South Carolina SOL
Nathaniel   Haskell   Massachusetts LT
Robert   Hilborn   Massachusetts PVT
James   Hill   New Hampshire LCOL, CS, PS
James   Hogshead   Virginia SOL
John   Hogshead   Virginia SOL
Peter   Hoke   Pennsylvania SGT
Archibald   Hopkins   Virginia PVT, PS
John   Hopkins   Virginia CAPT, CS, PS
Benjamin   Howard   North Carolina SOL, PS
Nicholas Smith Hoyt   New Hampshire PVT
George Adam Hummel   Pennsylvania PS
William Patrick Johnston   Maryland ENS
Israel   Jordan   Massachusetts PVT
Margaret Eskridge Kenner   Virginia PS
Jacob   Keyser   Maryland SGT
Roger   Kirk   Pennsylvania PVT, PS
George   Krantz   Pennsylvania PVT
Nathan  Langford   North Carolina PS
Augustine   Leftwich, Sr. Virginia PS
Uriah   Leftwich   Virginia ENS, PS
Cottrell   Lively   Virginia PVT
Alexander   Love   South Carolina PS
Catherine  Markham   Virginia PS
James   Markham   Virginia CAPT, PS
William   Mcclintock   South Carolina SOL
John   Mcdow   South Carolina PVT, PS
Henry   Menefee   Virginia SOL
Robert   Mercer   Virginia PS
John   Mileham, Sr. Virginia SOL
William   Milliken, Sr. North Carolina CS
Thomas   Mitchell   Georgia LT
Casper   Mohler   Virginia PVT
George Adam Mohler, Sr. Virginia PS
John   Montgomery   Virginia PVT
Lent   Mott   Connecticut PVT
Stephen   Murray   Connecticut SOL
Christian Kolb Myers   Pennsylvania PVT
Gideon   Noble   Connecticut SGT
Lyman   Noble   New York, Connecticut PVT
John   Page   Virginia PS
Timothy   Page   Connecticut PVT
William   Parsons   Massachusetts PS
Job   Perry   Massachusetts PVT
Henry   Peyton   Virginia CS
Aaron  Plummer   Massachusetts PVT
John   Poage, Sr. Virginia CS
Robert   Poage   Virginia 2LT, CS
Nathaniel   Pomeroy, Jr. Connecticut CAPT
Patrick   Porter   Virginia SGT, CS, PS
Joseph   Printup   New York LT
Jonathan   Purcell   Virginia PS
John   Queen   Virginia PVT
Francois   Racine   Virginia PS
William   Ragsdale   North Carolina PS
Thomas   Ramsay   Pennsylvania PVT
Stephen   Ranney   Connecticut PVT
Joseph  Reed   Massachusetts PS
Eli   Reed   Rhode Island ENS
James   Reynolds   New York PVT
Jeremiah   Rhodes   North Carolina SOL
Oliver   Robbins   Massachusetts PS
William M Robertson   Virginia PVT
Elijah   Robinson   Massachusetts PVT
James   Robson   North Carolina PVT
Willard   Sears   Massachusetts PVT
George   Shoemaker   Virginia PS
Charles   Simms   South Carolina CAPT
James   Spann   North Carolina PVT
Bradstreet   Spofford   New Hampshire LT
Moses   Stanley   Virginia PS
Silas   Stewart   Connecticut NONCOM
Melchior   Stock   Pennsylvania PS
Horatio   Strong   Massachusetts CPL
Eleazer   Taft   Massachusetts, New Hampshire PVT
John   Thompson   North Carolina CPL
Epaphras   Thompson   Connecticut PVT
Thaddeus   Thompson   Massachusetts DR
William   Upham   Vermont CAPT
Peter   Van Voorhees   New Jersey PVT
Henry   Vaughan   South Carolina CS, PS
John   Vinsonheller   Virginia PS
Nancy   Ward   North Carolina PS
Silas   Weeks   North Carolina PVT
Nathaniel  White, Sr. Massachusetts CS, PS
John   Wilson   Virginia SOL
Thomas   Yates   North Carolina PVT


Service Glossary

2LT — Second Lieutenant

CAPT — Captain

CDR — Commander

CPL — Corporal

CS — Civil Service

DR — Physician or Surgeon

DRM — Drummer

ENS — Ensign

LCOL — Lieutenant Colonel

LT — Lieutenant

NONCOM — Non-Commissioned Officer

PS — Patriotic Service

PVT — Private

SGT — Sergeant

SOL — Soldier

STAFFOF — Staff Officer

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